At The McKeogh Company, we are committed to:

The participants in the plans we serve – we recognize that the security of having health care benefits and retirement income is extremely important to the men, women, and families who participate in the programs sponsored by our clients. Because the financing of these programs is always limited in some fashion, it is critical that we assist our clients in ensuring that their benefit programs are efficient, effective and sustainable for the long-term.

Our clients – we work to become trusted partners of the organizations who have retained our services.  We strive to have meaningful working knowledge of the legal, accounting, and investment fields so that the skills and experience that we contribute are integrated with those of other professions.  We seek to understand the industries in which our clients operate so that our advice supports and enhances our clients’ strategies and values.

Our employees – we provide a workplace that allows our employees the opportunity to practice their profession in an environment of integrity and mutual respect.  We provide training both formal and informal to our associates so that they continue to improve the skills that our clients require and, in the process, enhance their own value in the marketplace.

Our profession – we, as actuaries and benefit consultants, uphold the Actuarial Standards of Practice when providing professional services.  We take an active role in the continuing education of others in our profession through speaking engagements and service on professional committees.

Our competitors – we treat our competitors with the same respect and courtesy that we would hope and expect to be treated, recognizing that they drive us to deliver better and more valuable services to our clients tomorrow than we do today.

Our local community – we participate in a variety of charitable events sponsored by our clients including scholarship funds and retirees’ programs.   As a firm, we also directly support charitable causes including the MS-150 Bike Ride for Multiple Sclerosis, Toys For Tots and Team Children.